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Author: Алена Гребещенко
Покупаю супругу! Всем всегда доволен!!! Компания всегда и в срок выполняет свои обязательства! Рекомендую ребят!!!
Author: Евгений
Сегодня получил костюм, всё отлично, огромное спасибо.
Author: Даниїл
Хороша форма і рибі подобається
Author: Александр Кутузов
Окунькам нравится!
Author: Александр Кутузов
Форма Супер, лапки очень живые в воде!!! Спасибо, Silix!

In our online store you can buy the best materials for making silicone baits, allowing you to create a bait that even the most passive fish will respond to. We also offer not only popular and familiar to all forms for making replica lures, but we also make them on an individual order.

Three types of liquid silicone SILIX and different hardness will allow you to customize the lure for your individual fishing style. Make it the way you need it!

A huge selection of dyes and sequins will open up the widest field for creativity for you. In our store you can buy standard, fluorescent, transparent paints, as well as unique paints of the SuperChameleon and SuperNeon series.

Of course, silicone for casting baits and paint is only half the battle. Molds for casting baits are another essential attribute in Our business. Here you can buy single, multi-seat and centrifugal forms, forms with mixed types of baits. All of them are produced on high-precision machines. The material of the forms is artificial acrylic stone and aluminum.

Flavors and attractants are what will make your bait extra attractive to fish. They are also widely represented in our store.

Of course, the casting process is difficult to imagine without a casting tool - a high-quality syringe, which is sharpened specifically for this process. It is very easy to choose the syringe that suits you in the corresponding section of our website. It presents aluminum and fluoroplastic syringes for casting baits.

We also have promotions and raffles on social media and the largest foundry group on Viber on a regular basis. We often delight our customers with bonuses, interesting contests and gifts.

We are passionate anglers with many years of experience. Therefore, we will advise you not only as sellers of goods, but also as like-minded people, fishermen and foundry workers who are in love with their business and fishing.

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