Super SKIN Surface Red D20 BBN

Price:45 грн.

Series paint SUPER SKIN's designed not only for the airbrush. You can also dip the bait in paint and paint it with a brush or swab.


For good adhesion of paint to bait, room temperature and paint temperature must be at least +15 degrees

1. bezzhirit bait using SILIX SKIN "solvent - degreaser"

2. Shake up the paint until the sediment disappears.

3. Application with an airbrush.

3.1 To work with the airbrush is recommended to dilute the paint with the "solvent I - I degreaser"

Apply to the bait in thin layers, achieving the required saturation with the number of layers. The paint should be poured in small portions, as it wears out very quickly, always keep the bottle of paint closed. If the paint for your airbrush is very thick and is sprayed unevenly from the nozzle, it should be slightly thinned with a "solvent I - degreaser I " about 5-15% by weight of the paint. For rinsing the airbrush we recommend using the "SILIX SUPER SKIN rinse for tools "

Reasons for poor paint adhesion to the bait:

- poorly degreased ;

- the temperature regime of the room and paint is not observed.


We apply each new layer to the bait with a gap of 1 minute, thereby achieving the required saturation. If the paint is too thin, use SILIX Super Skin “Thickening Base , adding it until the thickness of the paint suits you.


Pour the paint into a wide-mouth container (such as this one). Dip the skimmed bait into the paint for 5-7 seconds. The more times you dip, the more the color saturation. Dipping interval is 20-30 seconds. If the paint is too thin, use SILIX Super Skin “Thickening Base , adding it until the thickness of the paint suits you.


Drying time of the paint is about 30-60 seconds. Complete drying depends on the temperature and humidity in the room and lasts 30-50 minutes.

Avoid getting moisture into the paint. Always keep the bottle closed.

Tests carried out on ilis baits SILIX made of silicone, airbrush - nozzle diameter 0.3 mm, pressure of 1.5 bar.


Before you start to rip off the paint with a bait nails, make sure that you have followed the recommendations of which s we have written to you.

The paint is in test mode, so we will be happy to hear all suggestions and comments on how to improve it.


Safety precautions.

Avoid getting paint on the skin, if paint gets on the skin - rinse with warm water. Wear rubber gloves.

If paint gets into your eyes, rinse as quickly as possible with warm water.

Keep away from open flames. Work in a ventilated area. Use respiratory protection (respirator)

Keep out of reach of children.

Volume - 30ml



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