Super SKIN Base Fixer

Price:45 грн.

Some aggressive colors from the SUPER SKIN series such as bright yellow, bright red, lemon, etc. can "re-shoot " to other nearby lures, especially if you applied the paint in a thick layer, there are two ways out of this situation: painted baits separately from others

2. After applying the paint, apply a thin layer of SUPER SKIN Fixing Base.

The final dipping of the bait into the Base fixer will give the baits an additional gloss.

Hy and the best solution, apply "Base-fixer SUPER SKIN" thin layer and keep the bait on the individual.

If it so happens that you could not find the color you need for your baits in the SUPER SKIN series of paints, you can use a base that has no color at all, add the desired dry pigment and get the desired color.

H and 30 ml of base added tsya -0.8 0.5 grams of dry pigment


"Fixing SUPER SKIN" dries on the bait for 5-10 seconds. Complete drying of the paint occurs in 30-50 minutes. depends on the temperature and humidity of the room in which you work.

Avoid getting moisture into the bottle, keep the bottle closed.

Wire tests on lures made of SILIX silicone, airbrush - nozzle diameter 0.3 mm, pressure 1.5 bar

If "SUPER SKIN Base Fixer" turns out to be thick for your airbrush - use "SUPER SKIN Solvent Degreaser"

If "SUPER SKIN Base Fixer" is too liquid to be dipped or applied to the bait with a swab, brush or sponge - use "SUPER SKIN Thickener"

Safety precautions.

Avoid getting paint on the skin, if paint gets on the skin - rinse with warm water. Wear rubber gloves.

If paint gets into your eyes, rinse as quickly as possible with warm water.

Keep away from open flames. Work in a ventilated area.

Keep out of reach of children.

Volume - 30ml


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