SILIX Classic Soft liquid silicone 1l

Price:190 грн.

Liquid silicone for making fishing lures. This is a radically new product on the market. We experimented a lot and refined the formula, taking into account the opinion of anglers and experts. As a result, we achieved high thermal stability and low hygroscopicity (almost complete absence of water absorption). Due to the introduction of antioxidants, toxicity is reduced by more than 60%! And the special lubricants included in the composition allow you not to lubricate the mold before each pouring. The finished products are non-toxic and absolutely harmless. A similar recipe is used in the manufacture of toys and medical products.

Silicone Soft will be good for casting "micro-jig" lures up to 2.5 inches in size.

Shore A hardness - 5 ... 7 ... 10 units



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