Micro Boat "SILIX Micro Boat"

Price:3 450 грн.

Thanks to the efforts of our team, a light boat was created for fishing in hard-to-reach places or just light. The boat weighs only 4 kilograms. And the weight of a complete set, including a pump, paddles, a seat cushion, a repair kit and a bag, is about six. This compact boat will not burden you on public transport, because it fits into a convenient bag that can be carried both over your shoulder and in a backpack style. The bag is made of rubberized material, so the things that you put in the bag will stay dry even in the rain. The bag has enough room to store a reel, a few boxes of tackle, a thermos and a supply of food for fishing. The craft has 2 separate air chambers and an inflatable cushion. The size of the SILIX micro boat is 1500x1050mm. The diameter of the cylinder is 300mm. The density of the fabric is 650 g / sq. Carrying capacity - 180 kg.

Fishing for perch on a small river

Review of Micro boats from Gleb Skorobogatov

We catch crucian carp on Micro boats



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