Double-circuit fluoroplastic syringe - 2x30 ml

Price:1 200 грн.

A syringe for two-color casting of silicone baits. Known among the foundry workers as the Rocket Syringe. Cylinder material - fluoroplastic. Piston material - caprolon. The syringe for casting silicone baits has 2 O-rings in each piston and grooves at the end of the cylinders to indicate the extreme position of the pistons. This is to minimize the chance of the piston popping out when you draw hot silicone into the syringe.

This type of syringe keeps the temperature very well and does not heat up. But nobody canceled the precautionary measures. When casting baits, be sure to use gloves and long-sleeved clothing, goggles and a respirator.

PTFE has poor adhesion to silicone, so the silicone syringe is easy to clean after use.

The volume of the syringe is 2 containers of 30 ml.



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