In our store you can buy attractants for baits.

Some of the anglers believe in the color of the bait, some in the model, and some just rests on one favorite bait and catches on it 90 percent of the time. Still, most fishermen agree on one thing. The bait must have a smell and taste. This is an additional stimulus for the fish's receptors, which acts on it and provokes a more greedy bite.

We have three types of attractants for silicone lures.

A classic attractant for adding to hot silicone. Smells the bait from the inside. But at the same time it slightly burns out.

Aroma Oil. This is an attractant based on synthetic oil that does not have its own taste and smell, which does not interrupt the smell of the attractant, envelops the bait with an oily film and retains the aroma in it for a long time. We recommend using it in addition to the classic attractant for silicone baits.

Dry edible mixtures add edibility to the bait, and also give a natural taste and smell, since natural ingredients are used in the production of these mixtures.

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