In our store, paints for silicone baits are presented not only by a wide color palette and variety, but also by the uniqueness of colors.

For example, paint for baits of the SUPERCHAMELEON series, under different types of lighting, becomes completely different colors. The SUPERNEON lure colors have an ultra-bright glow in ultraviolet light. In normal daylight, it is also striking in its brightness. The CRYSTAL line paints at any concentration in the silicone bait retain its transparency.

The SUPERSKIN silicone lure surface paints adhere perfectly to the bait and adhere very firmly to it. In this case, there can be many application options. An airbrush, a brush, a tampon, a simple dipping, and at least a roller, if the size of the bait allows you to do it :)

Standard bait colorants, fluorescent, pearlescent and interference are also available in a wide range of colors.

Dry pigments are the basis for most of our paints. They can also be easily found in the corresponding section of our website. You can save a lot by taking the Pigment Base and adding dry pigment to it - to get a liquid paint, a complete analogue of paint for baits.

All our bait paints are thermostable and will not fade when heated and remelted many times.

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