The injectors for casting silicone lures is one of the basic tools of the caster. The importance of choosing an injector hardly can be overestimated. After all, this is the tool that will accompany you throughout the entire process of casting lures. Your choice will determine not only the convenience of work, but also the quality of the baits, as well as the time spent on the casting process.

In our store you can find 2 types of injectors.

1 - PTFE injector for casting baits

2 - Aluminum lure casting injector

Each type has its own merits.

For example, an aluminum injector is very easy to clean. By applying a force greater than when pouring, the nozzle of the injector extends and the silicone literally falls off the walls. However, the silicone in it cools faster and aluminum, having a high thermal conductivity, heats up quite a lot.

The PTFE injector is also easy to clean, but this must be done by scrubbing the silicone out of the plunger with a stick. The silicone in this injector hardens much longer, the injector does not heat up. This is due to the low thermal conductivity of PTFE.

Choosing a good working tool, you choose safety, convenience and pleasure in work.

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