Liquid silicone for casting lures has been gaining more and more popularity lately. Firstly, casting lures with your own hands is not only a financially profitable process, it is also a very exciting hobby, along with fishing itself. After all, how nice it is to fish with homemade baits. And it's even more pleasant to catch her.

At the moment we offer you three types of liquid silicone. The first silicone made by us for SILIX Classic lures. It is a floating high quality silicone with a wide casting temperature range (up to 210 degrees).

More budgetary, but no less high quality liquid silicone of the CRYSTAL series. Its main difference is that it is a sinking silicone.

Also our novelty is the OPTIMUS series silicone for casting lures. Floating silicone with lower operating temperatures than Classic, "sonorous" and slightly more elastic.

Of course, all silicones, without exception, are hydrophobic (do not drink water), transparent and thermostable. But we do not stop there. In the chemical industry, as in any other industry, new products are constantly appearing, we keep our finger on the pulse and refine the formulas of our products so that you can get not only pleasant at a price, but high-quality and safe, liquid silicone for casting baits.

We try to make our product as harmless as possible, however, you must understand that no one has canceled the safety rules. And it is necessary to work with hot liquid silicone in a well-ventilated area, or with a hood. Protecting the respiratory tract with a respirator, and the eyes with goggles. Be sure to use gloves and clothing that will prevent hot silicone from getting on exposed skin.

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